Interactive Procedural City Creator

Introducing the world’s most advanced real-time 3D procedural city builder tool for Unreal Engine 5.

01. overview

Everything included out of the box & Features light years ahead

No matter, if you are building a city for a game, movie, architectural visualization, or simulations, iPCC includes all the tools you need to create stunning cities in no time.

02. key features

A complete city generator package

Design massive cities in Unreal Engine 5 with production-proof and cutting-edge procedural tools

Bigger world at the palm of your hand

Leverage iPCC tools to create large cities at light speed. A set of discrete tools. Ranging from straight and curve road tools to intersection processors, followed by lot processing tools with the spawn of procedural and static buildings, car parking, alleys, and more.

Create complex and intricate road networks with a physically accurate intersection solver

You can judge any city builder plugin on its ability to solve complex intersections, with iPCC you can solve virtually any intersection. Support for all road sizes, unlimited road connections, and elevation differences.

Design virtually any building or use premade static buildings

Design virtually any building shape using our Procedural Spline shape generator and convert them to real geometry buildings with the help of our modular grammar-based procedural building generator. Or go the other way around using premade static meshes and blueprints generator. No matter which side you choose, we get you covered.

Design the perfect road network and road props

With its ability to solve intricate intersections, iPCC enables the creation of any sort of road network, including ramps, highways, and iconic freeways, and has made the process much faster and easier by letting you draw them using reference images of real world representation.

Lastly, our spline-based road system leverages the creation of any sort of road props

Optimization is the key to success in real-time

 iPCC is the only city builder plugin that automatically instantiates your meshes at generation time without the need for you to intervene and save you hustle and tons of hours of optimization. On top of that, we also offer a one-click solution to convert your blueprints, packed actor blueprints to hierarchical, and instanced static mesh, with the ability to exclude gameplay blueprint actors. One philosophy, focus on building instead of optimizing.

Build for scale, build to be enormous

iPCC is tightly integrated inside UE5 World management systems and scales well from small to large world, with the use of world partition and its layer system to manage complex and bigger worlds. We offer an easy way to split your city into chunks manageable as layers that you can load and unload to save resources while constructing your city.

Powerful but Easy to use

iPCC captures capability, flexibility, and versatility in a set of discrete tools for your comfort and ease of use, allowing you to master city design in no time and in an intuitive way. Demand the best, demand iPCC!

03. Licensing Options

We Make Licensing Easy

Choose your license based on your revenue and the number of total users of the tool. Reach us to determine which license works best for you if you need assistance.



For small teams, hobbyists, and independent creators with revenue less than 100K or less than 8 users



per seat



For large Teams and companies with revenue superior to 100K or less than 25 users



per seat


per seat



Above 25 users, contact us for a special deal and/or for collaboration in case of education, top online tutorial website, and any other license that we do not cover.

The All New

Procedural Generators

Embark on a revolutionary journey with our cutting-edge Procedural Generators, a groundbreaking tools that unleashes boundless creative possibilities in virtual design. Whetever you are a hobbyist or a seasoned game developer, architect, or digital artist, our products empowers you to effortlessly craft dynamic and diverse environments, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in real time.

Frequently asked questions

Procedural World Lab is an ecosystem of premium Procedural Generator Tools and City kits for generating massive, realistic, scalable and performant cities and world within Unreal Engine 5.

PWL will offer 3D Procedural tools and environmental city kits for Unreal Engine 5. At launch, our well and critically acclaimed all new Procedural City Creator and Procedural Building Generator tools will be available for purchase. For city kits, you can expect Venice city kit with more city kits to follow shortly: Victorian city kit and Paris city kit.

PWL is scheduled to launch at the end of the year. If not, we will have everything ready for January 2024 then. In the meantime, you can join our discord, the waitlist and create account to stay tuned.

For our procedural tools, two pricing models will be available, a permanent, onetime purchase model and a monthly-based subscription model to make it accessible for anyone. For city kits, only one time payment will be available at launch.

Your license type is determined by the number of users of the tools at any moment.
   – A professional license: for casual, hobbyist or one user/seat.
   – A Studio license: for small and medium sized studio with up to eight (8) users/seats.
   – An Enterprise license: for larger teams, up to 25 users.
   – Custom license: Above 25 users contact us for a special deal and/or for collaboration in case of education, top online tutorial website and any other license that we do not cover here.

Currently, trial version is only accessible to company. If you are a company and want to access a limited trial edition, contact us.

If you already own some products from us on UEM, you will be granted a permanent professional license free of charges, limited to one user/seat per product own. However, if you have more than one user/seat, you will need to upgrade and purchase a new license corresponding to the number of users/seats to use the products.

After the launch of PWL, products covered by PWL will not be sold on UEM anymore and their update will be discontinued. You can still safely buy them on UEM before the launch of PWL and transition to our license after PWL launch.

If you are an environment artist who already sell city kit on UE marketplace or any other 3D store. And want to sell it on PWL as city kit, contact us with a link to your online store and proof of ownership, and we will set up a meeting to discuss with you, how to port your assets as city kit to be compatible with PWL generators.

Yes, there will be a discount for a limited period of time when PWL launches.

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